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Okay so at my job we have a pepsi machine that is made to look like it has condensation on it... Keep this in mind... Jeff was in a really silly mood... After watching him use a little hand mirror to spy on customers around the corner and making little antennas out of pipe cleaners for his hat this is what I hear... "Jessi, the soda machine is wet, can you dry it off?" Then somewhere he found a little yellow flag and was walking back and forth in the shop swinging it around like a little kid. Days like this make me love my job.

In other, mildly important, news... I'm over Tyler. Now I'm just lonely as fuck again and thanks to Corey (and I know this was not intentional on her part so I don't hold it against her whatsoever) I miss Ricky... I can't believe after seven fucking years that guy still has a hold on me. She made a valid point last night though. "He's too crazy, even for you." I just don't like being this way... I'm getting bitter. I'm also getting meaner by the day. I'm really starting to not care anymore. Oh well...
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